Wedding Marquee Ideas: Intro

  Welcome to GD Hire’s first blog!


 Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some top tips on how to plan your perfect marquee wedding.

Getting married is easy – weddings, on the other hand, can give you a headache. Especially if the in-laws are already sticking their ores in and hubby-to-be is more concerned with the footie scores.


Choosing the right venue is crucial.

You’ve probably had the perfect venue in your head ever since you heard your first fairy story … the problem is, that venue doesn’t exist; you have to settle for the next best thing.

And the next best thing wouldn’t be too bad if you didn’t have guests. While I’m sure you’re happy to shrug and say you don’t care where you get married so long as you’re marrying Mr Right, you’ll swiftly find out that others, particularly your family, won’t share your nonchalance.

The place has to look the part. You could have hired chefs from Claridges but if you’re holding your reception in the old Scout hut down the road, your guests will already have turned up their noses and whispered behind raised hands. Present them with a nice view and they’ll compliment your wine, your food, they’ll even listen to your speeches!


Marquees are versatile and can be sited almost anywhere. Suddenly a field is no longer a field, it’s a venue!

You may already have a favourite spot, a view you’ve always admired, or maybe a relative  has a bit of land in the country. You may just want to hire the grounds of a stately home. Whatever your preference, a marquee can provide you with an option you might not have considered at the age of 8 when wondering if Prince Charming would actually ride up on a white steed.

The Upshot

The point of this blog is to offer advice and inspiration to brides planning a marquee wedding and hopefully to sway the undecided.

Look in next week for Step 1.

The Hollywood Seal of Approval

You can check out our website at or, if you need another opinion, watch a couple of Rom-Coms, a marquee wedding is bound to pop up.


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